Thursday 16 February 2012

Book Review: Plague by Michael Grant

Hey everyone.

Plague is the 4th in the FAYZ series, by Michael Grant. You'll need to have read the first 3 books or you can get a basic outline for the first three books from (only read the synopses for GoneHunger and Lies). It's a good series.

Plague continues following Sam and Co, however several important characters do die in Plague so when the next book (Fear) comes out, the character pool will be slightly diminished. The new aspect introduced into plague is of serious diseases, one is a cough that makes you cough out your guts, and the other is a parasitic infection in which bugs eat at you from the inside. Nasty.

As you'd expect, Sam and Co have to save everyone again, however the problems do escalate and are more serious than in the previous books. I liked Plague, but I think it's time for Michael Grant to pull the plug. He is going to drag it out if he keeps writing.


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